Deter intruders with suitable security systems including a bells-only alarm

Deter intruders with suitable security systems

So, you’ve decided to have a burglar alarm installed. Great: alarms are ideal solutions for deterring intruders, alerting you to suspicious behaviour and keeping your home safe. Now you’ve just got to think about whether you want a silent or bells-only alarm. You might have heard about the functionality of both, but do you know the pros and cons of each? The option that’s right for you ultimately depends on your needs as a homeowner and the unique requirements of your property. Here’s everything you need to make your decision.

What’s the difference between a silent and a bells-only alarm?

As the alarms’ names suggest, the main difference between a silent alarm and a bells-only alarm is the style of alert they create. The latter sounds a siren upon an intruder being detected, while the former instantly (and silently) notifies the local authorities and homeowner about the potential break-in. They can be wired or wireless, with wireless options generally being cheaper and easier to install. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to have your security solutions fitted by a trusted contractor who is approved by the relevant bodies.

Benefits of bells-only alarms

Bells-only alarms are a great deterrent for opportunistic criminals, often stopping them from attempting a burglary the first place. If the sight of the alarm doesn’t put them off, then the racket caused by the siren is likely to – meaning you don’t have to deal with the repercussions of a break-in. If used in conjunction with CCTV, then you will have access to valuable information about a potential thief, which you can then hand over to the police.

Bells-only alarms can also be remotely monitored, meaning that, when the alarm is activated, a remotely located monitoring centre can investigate the alert and notify the local authorities if necessary. You don’t have to worry about knowing whether or not to take action when the alarm sounds.

Benefits of silent alarms

A huge advantage of a silent system is that it won’t disturb your family or neighbours if there’s a false alarm in the middle of the night (or while you’re out at work, for that matter). You’ll still receive an alert to inform you of any detected movement, but the system is subtler than the bells-only option. This also means that, should an intruder try to enter your home, the police are more likely to catch them in the act – rather than them running off at the sound of an alarm. Silent alarms are ideal for integrating with a smart-home system, so that you receive a notification to your smartphone if an intruder is detected.

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