Intercom system installations in London

Intercom system installations in London

An office intercom is useful for any business owner, whether they have regular visitors or they are a closed site. You can choose from a variety of options, including buzzer, swipe card or with a PIN code, or opt for an ultra modern biometric lock with an intercom built in. Whatever the size of the company or the purpose of the office, there are a number of benefits to having the intercom professionally installed.

1. Reception security

Security is important wherever you work, from top security government sites through to small branch offices. An intercom system means entry can always be monitored, and is especially important if there is no formal reception area. If you only have one person on your reception desk, an intercom is a vital gateway that prevents malicious visitors or out of hours calls to the company office.

2. Inter-floor security

Intercom systems don’t always have to be for the entry door of the building. They can be used as inter-floor devices. That means entry can be controlled within the organisation, giving staff different levels of clearance. Internal intercoms are an excellent way to deter would-be thieves if they are unable to access anything other than the ground floor.


Lone workers or night staff are in a particularly vulnerable position. They won’t have the extra support of colleagues in an emergency, and they often need a record of the event to back up their statement when challenged. A video intercom is particularly useful in these working environments, If someone requests entry, CCTV can show the member of staff inside the building that there is just the one person, and it lets them check their ID before allowing access. CCTV is also excellent for visual identification, and works well in accommodation blocks where you may also have provided entry keys.

4. Added value

A secure building is an attractive proposition to potential owners if it has a comprehensive intercom system in place. They can take ownership, move staff in and not have to worry about the safety of their employees. If the building is to be used as a facility for other purposes other than just staff – as a storage unit business for example – the cost savings are huge, and the efficiency gains considerably.

5. Decrease in insurance premiums

Whilst there are never any guarantees of cheaper insurance, having a professionally installed intercom system often results in a better deal. If you aren’t offered a lower premium, shop around for a provider that recognises the importance of this added barrier to burglary and attack.

Getting an intercom

If you don’t already have an intercom system in place, or you need repairs and upgrades, talk to Angel Security. We have 23 years’ experience in intercom systems that keep our clients safe at work. Our team is experienced in robust and proven technology, as well as new developments in connected security that will link your intercom to the rest of your security system. Contact us today for more information on our range of security services.