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Angel Security: Banstead House Alarm Specialists

Your home is your castle so it pays to keep it as safe and secure as possible. Ewell alarm fitters Angel Security are local to Banstead. Intruder alarms are a speciality and we have built a reputation in the area as experts in our field of home security.  Ewell has many security companies so what makes us different? 

We have over 23 years’ experience of alarm installation Surrey wide and we have built a solid client base from individual homeowners to commercial properties and housing associations around Ewell. Burglar alarms are another area in which we can provide expert advice. One call to us and we can have your home safe and secure in no time.

Affordable Burglar Alarm Fitting Banstead

  • Alarms - ranging from bell-only alarms that alert homeowners or passers-by that there is an intruder to ‘silent’ alarms that alert you and/or the police via a central monitoring feature.
  • Fire Alarms - choose from standalone fire alarm systems or integrated security systems with intruder alarms combined with smoke detectors and fire alarms.
  • Ewell Home Security CCTV - Angel Security offers both hard wired and wireless security cameras to deter burglars and provide important evidence in the event of an intrusion.

Angel Security: Banstead Alarm Fitters you can Really Trust

If you’re not sure which house alarm Ewell experts Angel Security can help you with then one call to our knowledgeable customer service team will be your first step to getting the right alarm for your home. Security Banstead wide can be greatly improved by Angel Security. Ask to see our customer testimonials to see how local homeowners just like you have made their homes more safe and secure.   

Call your local Banstead alarm company Angel Security on 0800 999 7177 today for a free initial consultation and more information on our Ewell alarm instillation services.

Burglar Alarms in Redhill


Angel Security are professional security system installers in Redhill and Balham and specialists providing the following services:-

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