The rise of security as a service

Security for businesses in Surrey

Security for businesses in Surrey

‘Security as a service’ is a term that tends to conjure up images of protecting your online business from disruption using antivirus and anti-hacking software solutions. However, for most businesses, it’s not just the online component that needs to be safeguarded – the business’s premises, and its staff, can also benefit from around-the-clock security protection. Security service providers have seen their role evolve in an increasingly automated world, where building security can now be provided using a variety of smart technologies, meaning that security as a service isn’t just about IT.

More than just a security alarm

If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, the chances are that you’ll have seen some amazing advances in technology. Security service providers now have access to a vast range of security solutions that work in parallel with improvements in digital technology, wireless technology, and smartphone and other communications technologies. Securing your premises is no longer the domain of systems working independently, such as alarms, security doors and cameras; now, each piece of your security system can function as part of an interconnected, easy-to-manage, smart security solution.

Tailor solutions to your growing business

You may see your need for security solutions develop as part of your business’s growth – but as with many things in a growing business, these needs can quickly spiral out of control and require expert intervention. Engaging an expert security service provider helps you to figure out the security solutions you need to protect your business – which they can then install and maintain for you as part of their ongoing service to support your business. By working with one service provider, you can also consider the needs of new business locations alongside your existing security solutions, which keeps the costs of your additional security requirements to a minimum.

Free up valuable time

Every business has different needs at different times, and security service providers need to be flexible to accommodate the requirements of modern businesses. Security service providers also recognise that time is a precious business commodity, and that one of the consequences of the pace of technological advancement is that it’s hard to stay on top of the latest developments in all your areas of business interest. By outsourcing your security requirements to a reputable security service provider such as Angel Security, you’ll have one less thing to worry about keeping pace with – and more time available to focus on your business!
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