How to protect your home against ‘daylight robbery’

Prevent burglaries in your home

Prevent burglaries in your home

We have probably all heard stories from a neighbour, friend, colleague or family member about them or someone they know being burgled in broad daylight. Perhaps their home was targeted while they were dropping the kids off at school, or, worse yet, maybe they were actually in their house at the time – having a nap upstairs or giving their little one a bath. It is a frightening thought that someone could break or just walk into your home during the day, unnoticed by neighbours or passersby, but it happens. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on protecting your home and keeping your family as safe as possible at all times.

Always lock up

When you are jumping in the car to take the kids to school, it can be easy to think ‘Oh, I’m only popping out for five minutes, I’ll just leave the window open’. It is always best to lock up thoroughly every time you leave the house, though, as there is a risk that an opportunistic burglar might target your home while you are out. Burglars look out for signs like set routines to work out when a homeowner is going to be out of the house, so locking all your windows and doors is a must.

Fit a burglar alarm

Burglars that break into homes without the cover of darkness must be fairly certain of their ability to get in undetected. As such, you need a solution that will make a racket if they try to enter your home. By fitting a burglar alarm, you (or your neighbours, if you’re not at home) will be instantly alerted if someone tries to break into your property, and will be able to call the police without delay. In many instances, if a would-be intruder sees that you have a burglar alarm, they will not attempt the break-in, so a visible alarm is an ideal deterrent.

Install a CCTV system

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a break-in while you are out at work or on the school run, then having a CCTV system could be invaluable to catching the culprit. It can provide the police with footage of the incident and physical details of the criminal, as well as the exact time and date that the break-in took place. A visible CCTV camera can also be an excellent deterrent, which is why it is such a popular security option for homeowners.

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