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The best deterrents for opportunistic thieves

Date: 20th Feb 2018

When it comes to determining the best deterrents for opportunistic thieves, who better to ask than the people that have been on the other side of the law? In August 2017, Co-op Insurance released a study that asked 12 former criminals what put them off attempting a break-in. Here, we look at the results and […]

Are DIY security systems a good idea?

Date: 12th Feb 2018

As with all types of home improvement project, there is a temptation for DIY when it comes to security systems. This might be because of homeowners thinking it’s cheaper or more convenient to install security systems without professional expertise, or simply because they like to think of themselves as good with tools! The rise of […]

How secure are smart homes?

Date: 20th Jan 2018

The rise of the smart home in recent years means that it is now fairly normal to ask a small, mechanical hub on the kitchen counter where the nearest Chinese takeaway is. We can now set our home’s heating while we’re still at the office, watch live CCTV of our property from our phones, and […]

Do you need security lights for your business?

Date: 12th Jan 2018

For business owners, darkness is one of the biggest security threats. We’ve all heard of break-ins, thefts and vandalism being carried out under cover of darkness. This is because opportunistic criminals or even those with a plan know that, if they can’t be seen, they are less likely to be caught. This is why some […]

Start the new year with a fully secure business premises

Date: 14th Dec 2017

Whether you’re planning on closing down your business over the Christmas holidays, or you’re going to be open but perhaps with amended hours or limited staff, now’s the time to get your business premises security sorted for the new year. That way, you can come back in January and know that one task has been […]

Why you should never take shortcuts with your home security

Date: 5th Dec 2017

According to a survey by Laptops Direct, some homeowners could be putting their home’s security at risk by not doing standard security tasks like locking their windows or hiding valuables away after using them. The survey of 2,001 people found that 42% of people don’t always set their burglar alarms, while 31% don’t close their […]

Protecting your business this Christmas

Date: 18th Nov 2017

Christmas is a time for switching off, kicking back and enjoying a few days of not thinking about anything work-related. But, when you own a small business, this is not always easy to do. It can be so tempting to say “I’m just going to check in and make sure everything’s ok”. Rather than being […]

What are the legal requirements for installing CCTV?

Date: 4th Nov 2017

Installing CCTV at your home or business premises is a highly effective way to keep your property secure and deter potential intruders. Not only does it provide you with visual evidence to give to the police if a crime is committed, but it can even stop intruders from attempting a break-in in the first place. […]

Why burglars are attracted to small businesses

Date: 18th Oct 2017

As a start-up or small, growing business, your budgets are naturally going to be smaller than those of large companies. The amount of money you have available to spend on overheads, expenses and business activities has to be meticulously planned to make sure costs are kept down wherever possible. This includes everything from salaries and […]

Everything you need to know about National Home Security Month

Date: 3rd Oct 2017

October is National Home Security Month (NHSM), with organisations across the UK raising awareness of the importance of home security to help protect homeowners and families, as well as their property and possessions. This is the fifth year that NHSM has taken place, with supporters such as Secured By Design, Yale, Airbnb and Money Saving […]

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