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Extra Security for Warmer Evenings

Date: 23rd Sep 2014

The summer seems to breed a more contented feeling in us about life in general. When you can spend more time in the garden, you can enjoy more time to relax in the warm glow of the sun. Unfortunately, this laid back feeling leaves us vulnerable. In warmer months, burglars take advantage of the fact […]

Securing your home whilst on holiday: the common mistakes

Date: 14th Sep 2014

It’s true that our homes and their contents are at their most vulnerable when we are away. Most are comfortable leaving our homes unoccupied during the daytime, but longer trips present more problems. When your house is vacant overnight, you’re automatically more vulnerable, and burglars get to know your routine. So, how can you avoid […]

Want better home security? Here’s 5 tips

Date: 25th Aug 2014

Did you know that an attempted burglary is made on a home in the UK every 43 seconds? There are usually around 750,000 attempted break-ins in the UK each year, and just under half of million of them are successful. Those figures really ought to convince anyone of the need to install some kind of […]

Can you sleep soundly without a burglar alarm?

Date: 14th Aug 2014

Each year thousands of families all across the UK have their homes broken into. Most people think that burglars only strike while homes are vacant, but this is not always the case. Home security systems are becoming increasingly complex. They can feature all kinds of technology, from motion detectors, to home monitoring options, and response […]

Why do I need CCTV for my home?

Date: 23rd Jul 2014

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) has been a common sight in retail outlets and public places for many years now. Despite CCTV adding an extra layer of security to any safety-conscious home, less than one in twenty homeowners have CCTV installed in their houses. The main reason people reject CCTV system is the potential cost – after […]

Security alarms and pets

Date: 23rd Jul 2014

Home security systems and pets are a tricky mix. If your security system was installed before your pets arrived, you may have had it designed with them in mind. If not, you’ll probably have been awoken due to wandering ferrets or twitching, dreaming dogs setting off the alarm. Sadly, many systems simply can’t come with […]

Why Motion Sensor Alarms Are So Effective

Date: 30th Jun 2014

Motion sensors use single or multiple units to detect movement in certain areas; together, the sensors should cover most of the floor space in the home or office. Once a sensor is tripped, a signal is sent to the central control panel of your security system, either sounding an alarm or alerting either yourself or […]

Home Security in the Summer Months

Date: 30th Jun 2014

Most of us love the summer months: the heat, the light and the chances to spend more time outdoors. Summer also means school holidays, trips to the beach and flights to far off places. Unfortunately, the long evenings often produce something we don’t always welcome, burglaries! Burglars seize the opportunities that are presented by summery […]

How to Secure Your Tools and Equipment

Date: 8th Jun 2014

Whether it’s your garden tools in your shed, it pays to keep tools safe. If equipment in your vehicle falls into the wrong hands, it could be used for a break-in or as part of a mini crimewave. Theft of big machinery at your business can cause huge disruption and loss. Securing your tools and […]

How to Be Secure When You Work From Home

Date: 1st Jun 2014

If you work from home, you not only have to think about keeping your home and personal belongings secure, but you need to be comfortable that your business equipment also remains safe and secure. After all, your home office is your livelihood, and it’s all to easy to become complacent. There are a variety of […]

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