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How to Secure Your Tools and Equipment

Date: 8th Jun 2014

Whether it’s your garden tools in your shed, it pays to keep tools safe. If equipment in your vehicle falls into the wrong hands, it could be used for a break-in or as part of a mini crimewave. Theft of big machinery at your business can cause huge disruption and loss. Securing your tools and […]

How to Be Secure When You Work From Home

Date: 1st Jun 2014

If you work from home, you not only have to think about keeping your home and personal belongings secure, but you need to be comfortable that your business equipment also remains safe and secure. After all, your home office is your livelihood, and it’s all to easy to become complacent. There are a variety of […]

Fake Burglar Alarms: Are They Really a Deterrent?

Date: 10th May 2014

Many homeowners purchase a burglar alarm dummy box in place of the real thing. These alarms are mounted to the front of the property by the homeowner, but they are just empty boxes – they have no siren inside. Homeowners purchase these because they are cheap; in fact, you can purchase a dummy alarm for […]

How to Make Your New Home Secure

Date: 2nd May 2014

Buying a house is a lengthy process. A fast transaction could take place in 4 to 6 weeks, but longer transactions are not uncommon. If you’re unlucky, your purchase may not be finalised until several months have passed. The anticipation and excitement comes to a head on completion day – the day when you get […]

How to Secure IT Equipment at Work and the Office

Date: 10th Apr 2014

Offices are full of expensive equipment worth tens of thousands of pounds. Most large employers have card entry systems in place, but unfortunately some employees are less trustworthy than others and equipment could still be stolen. There are various ways of securing IT equipment, and the method you choose needs to protect your investment without […]

How to Fix Alarm Breakdowns In Your Building

Date: 4th Apr 2014

Intruder and fire alarms are an essential component of our everyday safety in the home and workplace. These alarms give early warning of problems, whether from an unwelcome visitor or from smoke; they have also saved countless lives. Modern alarms vary from basic sensors to smart alarms that can relay messages to smartphones and tablets. […]

Are You Inviting Intruders Into Your Home?

Date: 28th Feb 2014

If a burglar gets into your home, you may lose more than just your TV or laptop. Some stolen personal items might be completely irreplaceable, not matter how much they are insured for. Falling victim to a burglary is more than an inconvenient loss of personal belongings. It can leave you feeling violated and insecure; […]

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Domestic Alarm System

Date: 28th Feb 2014

Like all electrical systems, alarm systems have a finite life span. Most will be able to operate for a number of years without maintenance before they start to deteriorate, but when they do, they will need swift attention. Even with the proper amount of maintenance, an alarm system will become dated. Advances in technology can […]

5 Smartphone Apps That Help Detect Intruders

Date: 31st Jan 2014

Most people now carry sophisticated smartphones capable of running a range of powerful apps. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android handset, we can recommend some useful smartphone apps that make remote monitoring possible on a budget. Surveillance Pro for Foscam (iOS and Android) IP cameras are very affordable, and if you have a […]

Why Use IP Cameras In Your Home?

Date: 31st Jan 2014

CCTV has come a long way over the last decade. Not long ago, CCTV was installed as a hard-wired, standalone system where cameras were hooked up to a TV set and a video recorder. Now, the internet has changed the way we can achieve the same type of monitoring, making installation much simpler and ensuring […]

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