Five ways commercial security is smarter than ever

The rise of the smartphone and subsequent smart-home technology has played a huge role in the development of affordable and high-performance digital business security systems. Gone are the days of having to wire up glitchy alarms and cameras, and having to manually lock the door to the office every night using multiple keys and fiddly door chains. Nowadays, owners of businesses large and small are able to implement smart, digital systems that are tailored to their needs. Here are just five ways commercial security is smarter than ever.

Security can be monitored from a smartphone

Smartphone apps enable you to keep an eye on your office from wherever you are, which is particularly beneficial if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t want to invest in professional remote monitoring. With some smart security systems, you can do everything from accessing your office’s live CCTV footage to activating an alarm or notifying the police if something is amiss.

Solutions can be fully integratedIncreasing office security

Traditionally, security devices were completely independent from each other. Now, all these solutions can be integrated (for example, CCTV cameras and burglar alarms), providing an all-round more secure offering and making it simpler for business owners to keep track of them.

Businesses can monitor and manage who enters and leaves

While locks and keys are still important parts of commercial security, businesses of all sizes are investing in smart solutions to keep their offices safe. Access-control systems use PIN codes, programmed fobs, and now even fingerprint and retina recognition to let people into and out of the building. Access control can be implemented just at the main entrance, or installed on various doors throughout the building to control which members of staff or visitors are able to access certain areas.

Switchable glass is becoming popular

Many businesses are now investing in electric switchable glass that allows them to instantly adjust its opacity. This is an incredibly smart solution that could have real security benefits for businesses, enabling them to enhance the opacity of ground-floor windows when there is nobody there (e.g. at lunch or outside work hours), and reduce it during busy office hours.

Fire safety is going digital

Smart technology is a valuable asset when it comes to fire safety. There are a number of devices available that will send a notification to your smartphone if your office fire alarm sounds, such as smart batteries that fit into your smoke alarm. You can buy smart plugs that you put into sockets before plugging appliances into them, so that you can see from your smartphone whether the appliances have been left on or turned off – helping you avoid electric fires.

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