How many CCTV cameras is enough?

The short answer to the question ‘How many CCTV cameras is enough?’ is: it depends on your property. Larger buildings that are complex in shape (e.g. with lots of hidden areas and blind spots) are inevitably going to need more CCTV cameras than small residential buildings with a straightforward design. As well as the size and shape of your building, there are many factors that affect how many CCTV cameras are suitable for protecting your property, while ensuring the privacy of your neighbours. The safest way to ensure that you choose the right number of cameras and the best position for them is to enlist the help of security experts.

How many cctv cameras are enough for your home security in SurreyThe more the merrier

Ultimately, a greater number of CCTV cameras means better security coverage for your building. There is no limit on how many cameras you can install – as long as you ensure that you are not breaching your neighbours’ privacy with any of them (e.g. if one of the cameras looks over into your neighbour’s driveway, you will need to adjust it). Saying this, there is no point installing loads of CCTV cameras if they are not strategically positioned. Make sure they cover the locations that would be needed to catch a criminal in the act – such as the main entrances and exits, access points to the property (e.g. driveways) and secondary buildings (such as garages and sheds). To get an accurate idea of the most efficient and effective positioning for your security cameras, you should ask a security solutions expert.

One camera is better than none

Even if you don’t want multiple CCTV cameras around your property, we would always recommend having at least one camera in place. For a start, CCTV cameras act as deterrents, so this is an immediate benefit for your building’s security. But, more than that, having a camera in place makes it more likely that, if a break-in or crime were to occur, the police would be able to gain visual evidence of the perpetrator from the video footage. The most appropriate place for this would be at the main entrance to the building – either by the front door or, if you have a gated driveway or similar, at the main gates of the property.

Here at Angel Security, we would be happy to provide consultancy on how many CCTV cameras is suitable for your home or commercial space, and our experts can install these for you to ensure maximum security coverage. If your property is located in Ashford, Wimbledon, Leatherhead or a surrounding area of London or Surrey, please contact us today to find out more.