What discreet security solutions are available to help protect heritage properties?

Install a discreet alarm system for your period home

Install a discreet alarm system for your period home

When it comes to protecting heritage and listed properties in the UK, there is a lot to consider. Heritage crime and vandalism is a serious offence, and can cause irreparable damage to culturally and historically valuable buildings. According to English Heritage, just over 18% of all listed buildings in the UK have been affected in some capacity by crime. On the one hand, security solutions need to be discreet enough to not impede upon the original character of a property, or ruin its appearance; on the other, they must deter criminals from attempting theft or vandalism, as, if something were damaged, it could not be replaced, even if the criminal were caught. If you are responsible for implementing security solutions for a heritage property or listed building, here are some factors and options to consider.

Solutions should be discreet, reversible and necessary

Any security solution that is chosen for a heritage property must meet certain standards. In order to protect the original appearance, character and charm of a building, it must have as little effect on the look of the property as possible. If there must be unsightly parts like wires, then, wherever possible, these should be concealed – perhaps by original chimneys or other features. To that end, the security solution must be deemed completely necessary – a risk assessment may be carried out to ensure that the placement of CCTV cameras, for example, has been chosen strategically, rather than putting them up at random. Another requirement is that any solutions must be able to be installed and removed without having an impact on the original appearance or structure of the property.  We have installed a number of discreet alarm systems for properties in Woldingham recently.

CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and access control systems

A well-placed CCTV camera is an effective security solution for all types of heritage building – from stately homes that contain a wealth of valuable and rare possessions, to historic houses that need to be protected from vandalism. Burglar alarms can also be used to add an extra layer of security, either to the building out of hours, or to certain areas of the property at all times. For large heritage properties that contain areas that are not open to the public, access control systems are ideal. These are available in a variety of options (including PIN or key fob entry), and only allow authorised people through particular doors.

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