What are the benefits of electric door locks?

What are the benefits of electric door locks?

What are the benefits of electric door locks?

Picture the scene – it’s school run time and you’re already five minutes late getting the kids out of the door. The youngest wouldn’t put her shoes on and the eldest had told you at 7.30am that they needed to take in the ingredients for an apple crumble. It’s been a bad start.

Not only that but, to make matters worse, you’ve somehow (despite putting them in the same place as you always do) managed to misplace your keys. Before you know it, you’re 10 minutes late and the tone has been set for the rest of the day.

If only there was a way to eliminate the daily ‘lost keys’ debacle while ensuring the security of your home – well, we’re here to tell you there is. Here are some of the many benefits of electric door locks.


The most important benefit to choosing an electric door lock over the old fashioned lock and key method is that it’s secure from those looking to try their luck, whether that’s by picking your lock or attempting to grab your keys through a letterbox. Choose a pin code that only you and your family members know and change it regularly to ensure that your loved ones are kept safe and sound.

Electric door locks can also help protect vulnerable people and are especially useful in care homes and hospitals where more attention needs to be paid to the whereabouts of residents or patients.

No keys!

The nightmare scenario we described above will be no more (at least from a lost keys perspective, anyway!) if you opt for an electric door lock. No more rushing around looking for them when you’re in a hurry and no need to have a bulky set of keys on you at all times. It minimises the list of ‘essentials’ that you need to carry around with you and, in our opinion, that can only be a good thing.


Electronic locks can be reprogrammed whenever you need them to be, making them the ideal choice for if you’re running an office or a building in a university where a large number of people enter on a regular basis. It simply isn’t plausible to give out a key to everyone who would need one in those situations, making an electric lock the perfect solution – your building’s security remains but codes can easily be changed if staff members leave or a new term commences.

If you’re thinking about ditching the keys and switching to electric locks, then Angel Security can help. Whether you live in Surrey or are operating a business in Earls Court, Hammersmith or London, we will have a security solution for you. Get in touch with the team to find out more about what we offer.