Are DIY security systems a good idea?

Are DIY security systems a good idea?As with all types of home improvement project, there is a temptation for DIY when it comes to security systems. This might be because of homeowners thinking it’s cheaper or more convenient to install security systems without professional expertise, or simply because they like to think of themselves as good with tools! The rise of smart homes means that it has become increasingly easy for homeowners to buy and set up their own security systems. But this doesn’t mean that professional expertise is not also needed. Here, we look at some of the pros and cons of DIY systems, and discuss how you can make sure your home’s security is as high-quality as possible – whether you’re opting for DIY, professional or a mix of both.

You can’t compromise on security

The main benefit of hiring professionals to install your security system is that they know what they’re doing – they fit bespoke security solutions day in, day out. They will be able to spot all the vulnerable areas of your property that you may not have noticed, and tailor the system to take these into account. Professional expertise really is invaluable when it comes to security. Say, for example, you have a row of thick hedges at the back of your house: you may not have realised that this has created a blind spot and so a potential vulnerability for your property; a professional will see this and help you set up an infrared CCTV camera and perhaps even a motion-detector security light to illuminate the potential hiding area.

The price tag

Many homeowners think that installing DIY security systems will help them save money. It’s not always true that this is the more affordable option. When you have your security systems fitted professionally, the labour costs and the price of the hardware are all rolled into one, which makes it cost-effective. When you buy the hardware from a DIY store, you have to also buy all the fittings and tools that are needed to install it, and may also end up paying more for the hardware itself! Plus, if you opt for DIY and do something wrong, this can actually end up costing more in the long run because professionals have to fix it anyway. We have recently installed a number of security systems in Tadworth following an increase in burglaries.

Here at Angel Security, we’ll provide you with affordable, convenient and easy-to-use home security solutions to make your property as safe as possible – no need for DIY! If you live in Esher, Cheam or nearby in London or Surrey, contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation.