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The Differences Between Home and Office Security Systems

Date: 31st May 2018

Whether you own a property or rent, installing robust security systems can keep your home or business safe, protect your valuables and act as a deterrent for illegal activities such as vandalism and theft. But what are the differences between home security and office security? Let’s find out.

Could a Heatwave Be Risking Your Home Security?

Date: 18th May 2018

In the UK, when hot weather strikes, us Brits like to throw open our windows and enjoy the weather while we can. However, as much as you want to let the fresh air into your home, that’s not all you could be inviting in. Surrey Police have issued home security advice which residents need to […]

Using Amazon Alexa with CCTV. Is it a good idea?

Date: 22nd Apr 2018

Being able to keep an eye on your home while you’re away is a reassuring thought. When we go away on holiday or for business, it is important that we are able to get on with our day, without being worried about things at home. In the past, we might have told friends or neighbours […]

How many CCTV cameras is enough?

Date: 14th Apr 2018

The short answer to the question ‘How many CCTV cameras is enough?’ is: it depends on your property. Larger buildings that are complex in shape (e.g. with lots of hidden areas and blind spots) are inevitably going to need more CCTV cameras than small residential buildings with a straightforward design. As well as the size […]

Is social media risking your home’s security?

Date: 2nd Apr 2018

For most of us, social media is part of our everyday lives. We use it to stay connected with friends and family, and share photos of exciting things happening in our lives – we might even use it at work. However, there are some security risks that come with documenting our lives on social media, […]

Could facial recognition technology be the next step for home security?

Date: 8th Mar 2018

The world of home security systems is always being shaken up by new technology and new ideas for solutions. This is particularly the case now that smart technology and cloud-based solutions are so affordable and widely available for the average homeowner. One of the latest home security technology ideas being discussed is facial recognition – […]

The best deterrents for opportunistic thieves

Date: 20th Feb 2018

When it comes to determining the best deterrents for opportunistic thieves, who better to ask than the people that have been on the other side of the law? In August 2017, Co-op Insurance released a study that asked 12 former criminals what put them off attempting a break-in. Here, we look at the results and […]

Are DIY security systems a good idea?

Date: 12th Feb 2018

As with all types of home improvement project, there is a temptation for DIY when it comes to security systems. This might be because of homeowners thinking it’s cheaper or more convenient to install security systems without professional expertise, or simply because they like to think of themselves as good with tools! The rise of […]

How secure are smart homes?

Date: 20th Jan 2018

The rise of the smart home in recent years means that it is now fairly normal to ask a small, mechanical hub on the kitchen counter where the nearest Chinese takeaway is. We can now set our home’s heating while we’re still at the office, watch live CCTV of our property from our phones, and […]

Do you need security lights for your business?

Date: 12th Jan 2018

For business owners, darkness is one of the biggest security threats. We’ve all heard of break-ins, thefts and vandalism being carried out under cover of darkness. This is because opportunistic criminals or even those with a plan know that, if they can’t be seen, they are less likely to be caught. This is why some […]

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